Dan grew up in Morgan County and is proud to serve his community! As a long-time resident of Morgan County and a pastoral background, he brings a strong passion and desire to strengthen the relationships that the Mission has with its member and affiliated churches. Outside of the Mission, he enjoys watching and coaching soccer.

Vickie Clark


Vickie began serving as the Secretary on the Board of Directors in 2015. She was looking for a way to serve in her community. An opportunity became available through her job at Home Bank to participate as a "Member At Large." She is a servant at heart and enjoys volunteering at the Mission as well as on the planning committee for our annual fundraiser dinner and auction.

Crystal Rogers

Crystal has a servant's heart. In addition to being our President of the Board of Directors at Churches in Mission, she serves on her church's governing board, is the Media Relations Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child, provides photography services for our local veterans as a part of the Indy Honor Flight and mentors youth in our community.

our leadership team

Angela Majeski


Angela has served on the Board of Directors for one year. She stepped into the role of Treasurer in 2018. While a new role always comes with a learning curve, her experience in business management will help her to adjust quickly. Her desire to always help is a blessing to the Mission and the Board in addition to her warm smile.



Linda began helping at Churches in Mission in 2015 with a desire to make the dream of expanding the organization into Martinsville come true! With her strong work ethic and connections to the Martinsville community, the Martinsville location was officially up and running in October 2015.

Terry Brock

Vice President
Terry works in the community he serves. He is the Morgan County surveyor and serves as the vice president of the Churches in Mission Board of Directors. He brings knowledge of the layout of the community to discussions as well as a desire to help wherever the need arises. His strategic thinking helps steer the Board toward its long-term goals.

about churches in mission


Our own neighbors are often those who need help the most. Good nutrition is necessary for successful performance in school for our children, better health for our families, and a stable life for our seniors.

Our Staff

Let’s put an end to poverty and hunger in Morgan County!


We stress to our families the importance of education as the key to changing lifelong living patterns. We offer educational programs to help families learn to be successful.


Providing utility assistance and making referrals are a vital part of what we do. Providing a place where those in need find someone to share in the love of God with them is the foundation of our Mission.

Churches in Mission



Kelli has been a staff member at Life Point Church in Mooresville for the past 21 years serving in a variety of positions but always with a focus on children, youth and their families. She has worked on youth health, wellness and substance abuse prevention grant projects for the Barbara B Jordan YMCA. Previously, she worked at the Indiana Youth Institute as a research and advocacy associate.

In 1987, three Mooresville ministers began meeting with some of their church members to see how they might provide more effectively for those in need by working together. In October of that year, they opened Churches in Mission at 27 S. Indiana St., Mooresville.

Since that time, the “Mission” has grown from helping 200 families to serving over 1,500 families per year from the Mooresville location. In January 2015, the organization acquired the building at 148 E. Main St., Mooresville, and in March held its first class in what had become the Hope House. The Hope House is designed to provide a location for families and individuals to learn the necessary skills to thrive and succeed in life.

In October 2015, Churches in Mission expanded its ministry and services to Martinsville, becoming a county-wide agency. Within just a few short months, the Martinsville office had already been outgrown and needed expansion. A very gracious donor made it possible for Churches in Mission to purchase a new building in Martinsville, which opened in October 2017.

Churches in Mission continues to provide the necessities for daily living to the people of Morgan County who struggle with the challenges of poverty while sharing its love of Jesus Christ. In the process, it has brought churches, businesses and communities together as we all work for the good of our neighbors.

Almost 90 percent of the households Churches in Mission serves live at poverty level or under, and 55 percent of those live at less than half of poverty. Yet, while families can get assistance with food and clothing every 30 days, most come fewer than four times a year.

These bits of help make sure children can have a decent meal - some proper nutrition to get them through the week - that they have enough clothes to wear to school without repeating an outfit within the week, and electricity to keep them warm. It means the elderly in the community can afford both food and medication and those sleeping under the bridges can get warm blankets and some nourishment.